About ABS-B display

This ADS-B data display is provided by NAVAID and is not for operational use.

The "radar display" is best viewed in a Firefox browser v 3.0 or later Press Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in the radar display.

Data is only received and displayed from ADS-B (1090ES) equipped aircraft.

An ADS-B equipped aircraft is broadcastings its status with one seconds interval

The web display is updated with 30 seconds interval.

Aircraft labels contains:

Call / Squawk
Reg. / Type
Hight / Speed

TL (Transition Level) is 3000 FT (feet)

Hight is indicated in FT and marked B below TL, and in FL (flight level) and marked C above TL.

Speed is ground speed in knots.


Reed = level flight.
Blue = climb
Purple = decent
Yellow = lost contact

Trails dots are shown for 90 seconds

Time is UTC

The ADS-B display will only be available on a temporary basis

Expect the display be of the air for maintenance without prior notice..

 NAVAID.DK +45 28779829