NAVAID is based in Esbjerg and is an independent Danish company specialized in airport electronics.

NAVAID is a small and very flexible organisation and has all the capabilities to meet the demand for an electronic maintenance provider in small and medium-sized airports.

NAVAID is assisting a number of Danish airports with installation, operation and maintenance of electronic equipment.

NAVAID is specialized in operation and maintenance of radio communication and radio navigation systems with particular focus on the following systems:

NAVAID has made arrangements with a number of airports for the provision of radio communication and radio navigation, and is responsible for all tasks associated with installation, operation and maintenance of equipment as well as establishing maintenance procedures and schedules.

NAVAID is also responsible for contact to the aviation authorities and for obtaining the necessary permits for systems covered by the agreement and can spare the airports for the increasingly time-consuming task of meeting the authorities' requirements for verification and documentation.

 NAVAID.DK +45 28779829